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  • Aug 31,  · “The Fermilab Holometer is a new kind of instrument designed to study the quantum character of space itself.”.
  • Holometerhas begun operating at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory(Fermilab).
  • The Holometer experiment, whose ultimate goal is to better understand the relationship between matter, energy, and space-time, has to do with these pixels. When looked at very closely, holograms have “fuzziness” directly proportional to pixel size. The smaller the pixel, the clearer the 3-D image. But some fuzziness is always there.
  • Oct 28,  · The holometer consists of two completely separate interferometers positioned on top of one other. In each interferometer, a light beam is split into two different parts that travel in different.
  • The Holometer is designed such that one arm is a quarter-of-a-wavelength longer than the other. If this distance was exact, and nothing moved, the detector would measure no .
  • Feb 09,  · The Holometer is the first experiment to address the question of whether space and time are quantized or whether they are smooth.
  • [ hah-lom´ĕ-ter] 1. an instrument for measuring ocular halos. 2. an instrument for estimating the size of erythrocytes by measuring the halos formed around them when a .
  • Holometer is short for "Holographic Interferometer". The twin correlated Michelson interferometers perform a holistic measurement of the quantum state of position of bodies over an extended volume of space-time. "Holometer" is also an archaic word.
  • This paper describes the Fermilab Holometer, an instrument for measuring correlations of position variations over a four-dimensional volume of space-time. The apparatus consists of two co-located, but independent and isolated, 40 m power-recycled Michelson interferometers, whose outputs are cross-correlated to 25 MHz. The data are sensitive to correlations of differential position across the.